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Near the ‘finger’ of the New Jersey northern spiral, the town of Highlands is one of the most well-known bayside communities in the state. This special area has captured the hearts of over 5,000 people, offering new opportunities for work, play, and vacation escape. This borough is one of the most historic areas in Monmouth County and was explored by famous sea captains in 1525. Explorers could tell right away that this would be an excellent area to settle, and the rest is history. From beautiful rivers to sparkling capes, Highlands has a unique layout that early colonists loved and admired. What they could not have known, though, was that this area would be perfectly conducive to pest species of all kinds. Insects, mammals, and arachnids easily survive and thrive in Highlands, making the lives of its inhabitants much more difficult.

At Pride Pest Service, we refuse to settle for anything less than a pest-free Highlands, NJ. We take the fight directly to pests and their infestations, addressing them with a myriad of unique products, services, and insights. After nearly two decades in the industry, we still have yet to face an infestation that we couldn’t handle! Make the most of your pest problems by contacting Pride Pest Service today. 

Home Pest Control In Highlands, NJ

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A house is much more than just a building. As a safe place to sleep, a calming place to eat, and a secure environment to work and play, your property will need to become a place where anything is possible. However, no form of rest or relaxation is possible with the arrival of residential pest species.

Most pest varieties here in Highlands are unable to be treated through do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques alone and require substantial measures to defeat. Pride Pest Service has specialized in residential pest control programs since our inception and strives to deliver only the best pest control options to Highlands homeowners. Here's how we protect our clients from recurring pest problems:

  • We always begin by spending time with you over the phone. We understand how stressful pest problems can be, and go out of our way to explain to you how, where, and when we will begin treatment.
  • Next, our team is sent to your home to deliver expert treatment with expert precision. We can eliminate pests without creating toxic environments for you or your family.
  • Finally, we return to the home on a scheduled basis to ensure that your pest problems are long gone. If there are still signs of a pest presence inside, our team will look for ways to repair this – at no extra cost to you!

Treat yourself to the best residential pest control treatments in Highlands. Contact Pride Pest Service to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. 

Commercial Pest Control In Highlands, NJ

Highlands' businesses great and small may suffer from the devastating effects of pest problems. Not only do pests make an unwelcoming environment for clients and their expectations, but they can swiftly affect your ability to perform and turn a profit.

Over the years, the team at Pride Pest Service has helped hundreds of local businesses recover from devastating pest infestations, making a full recovery within just a few short months. Here’s how it works:

  • We repair any holes or cracks forming around the building.
  • We treat the entire exterior of your building with a unique power spray.
  • We wipe away any cobwebs from the sides of your property.
  • We provide traps and baits that deter pests from ever coming back inside.

Enroll your business into our commercial pest control plans as soon as possible. Call Pride Pest Service to receive a quote for your unique industry today. 

What Is The Most Effective Way To Control Bed Bugs In Highlands, New Jersey? 

Bed begs are ‘hitchhiking’ pests that are known for traveling from one location to the next. Contrary to popular belief, these insects are not attracted to dirty or unkempt homes. Rather, they prefer to follow wherever their dinner (people) may lead.

The most effective measure of bed bug control in Highlands begins with prevention steps. The second most effective measure is to invest in high-quality bed bug control programs from Pride Pest Service. Schedule a bed bug inspection service to learn more. 

Five Ways To Get Rid Of Termites In Your Highlands Home

If you have termites anywhere near your Highlands home, you will need to act fast to prevent infestation. Follow these five helpful points:

1. Remove all landscape mulching from the yard

2. Seal any cracks and gaps

3. Reduce household moisture levels

4. Keep the yard well maintained

5. Invest in professional termite control

Pride Pest Service has everything you need to keep a termite-free home. Book a termite inspection for your lawn to discover how we could best help you. 


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