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Deep in the heart of New Jersey lies the quaint little township of Freehold. Settled by colonists during a late fall evening in 1693, the area was officially ratified as a town over a hundred years later by New Jersey legislators. Since then, the town has continued to swell in size, hosting nearly 35,000 unique individuals within its borders. Freehold is known as ‘Western Monmouth's Family Town’ for many reasons, including its safe environment and many excellent school systems. However, most people will just tell you that Freehold is a place where you can truly live free.

Freedom is hardwired into the people of Freehold, NJ, and is a fundamental part of life in this city. However, it is also an important leverage point for the various pest species that inhabit the area. Thousands of pest vectors are identified every year in Freehold homes and businesses, some of them are extremely dangerous to human health and welfare. If the residents of Freehold truly want to maintain their current way of life, something must be done about the increasingly dangerous pest populations.

Fortunately, the award-winning team at Pride Pest Service has been supplying Freehold property owners with pest solutions since the early 2000s. For more than 18 years, our professionally trained crew has been developing unique methods of elimination that address spiders, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, and other dangerous species that threaten our livelihoods. We put pride in pest control; every time! To learn more, submit an online contact form. 

Home Pest Control In Freehold, NJ

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Pest species threaten residential properties all over Freehold, some more than others. While not every creature that crawls, buzzes, or flies is considered to be dangerous, many of them are capable of causing extreme damage to people, pets, and properties. To reduce potential risk factors and increase your quality of life, Pride Pest Service recommends an airtight year-round pest control program that addresses specific residential needs. Here are some of the ways we work to keep your Freehold, NJ home safe from harm:

  • We use a unique combination of products to power spray your building's exterior.
  • All spider webs will be cleared from windows, doors, and eaves.
  • Any cracks, gaps, or crevices around the house will be professionally sealed off.
  • Potential pest vectors are mitigated with treated bait granules laid around the home’s exterior.

Learn more about what Pride Pest Service can do to protect your home with a residential pest control plan. Schedule an initial estimate with our team by calling, clicking, or chatting with us online. We can’t wait to get started! 

Commercial Pest Control In Freehold, NJ

In business, time equals money. When it comes to potential pest vectors around your property, the time involved can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. At Pride Pest Service, we believe in treating your business with the respect it deserves.

We understand that infestations and pest damages can hurt your business in a big way. That’s why we are dedicated to providing excellent commercial pest control services to businesses all over Freehold. With our team, no industry falls outside of our scope. We are pleased to provide services to Freehold businesses such as:

  • Motels And Hotels
  • Food Service Buildings
  • Places Of Worship
  • Office Centers
  • Retail Spaces
  • Government Properties
  • Healthcare Facilities

Book a commercial pest control plan for your business by submitting a contact form online. For additional information about how commercial pest control plans could partner with your property, call your local Freehold office right away. 

Termite Control: An Easy-To-Use Guide For Freehold Property Owners

Termites are easily some of the most dangerous pests in Freehold. Not only can they quickly infest homes and surrounding businesses, but they can do so entirely without being noticed. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips for keeping termites off your New Jersey property:

  • Reduce household moisture and humidity levels
  • Pre-treat the wooden structure of your home with professional termite mitigation sprays
  • Investigate ongoing termite control plans from Pride Pest Service

Need more help? We have the answers! Call Pride Pest Service to get an initial termite inspection right away. 

All The Ways You May Be Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Backyard In Freehold 

You may not realize it, but you could accidentally be attracting hundreds of mosquito vectors to your Freehold backyard. To protect yourself from potential injury or infestation, remove attractant factors like:

  • Sources of standing water (fountains, birdbaths, puddles, ponds, etc)
  • Shady areas of the house, which can be reduced by trimming bushes, trees, and large vegetation
  • Flowering plants and vines growing near the sides of the home, which could attract flocks of virile male mosquitoes

Have your home protected against all the mosquito attractant factors you can’t control. Schedule a seasonal mosquito mitigation program from Pride Pest Service today.


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