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Pest Control In Fairview, NJ 

Considered a ‘borough’ and home to just over 2,500 residents, Fairview, NJ, is a small but rapidly growing residence rich in history and culture. With a robust school system and proximity to larger cities, many people see the appeal of living in a smaller place like Fairview, and as people have moved in, Bergen County pest control needs have risen. Read on to learn how Pride Pest Service can help your home and business deal with pest problems.

Residential Pest Control In Fairview

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Pests in your home can damage physical property, and many pests can expose you and your family to harmful diseases. To protect the Fairview community, Pride Pest Service provides complete residential pest control services that you can rely on. We bring over 18 years of pest control experience to each infestation. No matter if you reach out to us for a specific problem or general pest control, our technicians:

  • Complete a thorough inspection.
  • Customize a treatment plan that is unique to your situation.
  • Provide follow-up visits to ensure your satisfaction.

Our residential pest control services are always tailored to meet your needs, as we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all treatment for pest infestations. If pests compromise your home’s safety, don’t wait. Give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Fairview 

Pride Pest Service provides comprehensive commercial pest control services to Fairview counties because we believe that pest control should receive more than the bare minimum of attention. We offer high-quality commercial pest control services to the following types of businesses in Fairview:

  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Hotels/motels
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Multi-family housing
  • Warehouses

No matter what type of pest has invaded your place of business, Pride Pest Service is on standby and ready to assist when you need us most. Don’t let pests compromise your business’s reputation and the safety of your employees and patrons. Contact us today for a quote.

Three Things Everyone In Fairview Should Know About Bed Bugs

Effective bed bug control is essential for all Fairview residents. These pests are highly invasive and interfere with your sleep and mental well-being. It is necessary to know that:

  1. Bed bugs are nearly impossible to remove on your own: To permanently remove bed bugs, you must know where every bug lives. If even one insect is left, they can continue to reproduce. This fact is one of the reasons to seek professional bed bug control.
  2. Bed bugs have fast reproduction rates: Bed bugs reproduce insanely fast. As stated above, one bed bug in your home could mean that they continue to multiply and start the infestation again. 
  3. Bed bugs are very resilient: Like cockroaches, bed bugs are their own kind of resilient. They can often survive the chemicals in store-bought pesticides and make DIY removal options worthless.

At Pride Pest Service, our technicians root our entire infestations and exterminate them using the toughest tools available on the professional market. Our treatments are quick and effective, allowing you to get back to having a restful sleep. Don’t waste your time and money on ineffective over-the-counter tools. Call us today for effective roach control. 

The Key To Effective Hornet And Wasp Control In Fairview 

There are many types of wasps here in Fairview, but luckily, most prevention techniques will work on all stinging insects. Below are some key things you should do to control the wasps and hornets on your property:

  • Remove the places where they like to build nests: Many types of wasps like building nests in holes and other similar sites. Cover up holes in the ground and repair any damaged walls, sidings, fence posts, and rails. 
  • Fix window screens: Check all your door and window screens and ensure no tears are in them. If there are, fix them, as this could be one of the ways wasps are getting inside your home.
  • Keep your yard clean: Make sure trash and garbage are stored correctly in securely covered bins. Regularly clean up your yard and property of any debris, especially food waste.

If you have a hive somewhere on your property, it is essential to remove it professionally. Going at it on your own could be very dangerous, as hornets and wasps swarming to sting you is extremely painful at best and deadly at worst. Let the wasp removal experts at Pride Pest Service help you today. Call our office today to set up your initial service visit.


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